Welcome to Cleveland's First Rage Room

Breaking News!

Temporary Shutdown

As of 3/5/19 we will be temporarily closed due to city complications. We are fighting our case and working on all options to make sure everyone can experience us. We are currently looking into mobile options or a second location please be patient with us, and I am sorry inconvenience this may cause.


Welcome to Enraged LLC

Welcome to Enraged, Ohio's First Rage Room. We are your local frustration outlet service. A little about us and what we do. So the general gist is that you have a little pent up aggression - say some jerk in a Ford Focus cuts you off on I-90, or Jenny at the office ate your lunch again, or you caught your boyfriend with your neighbor. Here at Enraged we understand life beats you down, but we can provide you the tools to unleash that anger in a safe environment and leave feeling free. We offer safe, reinforced rooms. We supply old appliances - computers, TVs, etc. We then give you a hammer, bat,  or crowbar and safety gear so you can let your "rage" out for the time you pay for. We have 5, 10 and 15 minute time frames. You break, we clean. At the end of your session you will come out refreshed and rejuvenated, leaving your frustration behind in the form of smashed TVs. We only ask that you focus your frustration on the "breakables" and not the walls, doors, floors or shelving. We are located right off of I-480 in Parma, on Ridge Rd between Pearl and Snow, so please come check us out. Also below are links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.