About Us


Jordan Fleischer / CEO

Grew up in Lakewood as the youngest boy in a family of six, which gave him an early intro in smashing things and getting pounded on (all in good fun, of course).  It was his idea to create a place to relieve stress without the guilt of destruction. Nowadays Jordan runs the day-to-day operations and makes sure the inventory is the only part of the business that’s breaking.


David Smith / Co-Owner

Had a stressful job that kept him away from his family during the day and a newborn who kept him up at night. It didn’t take long for him to recognize a local rage room was pure genius. Now he spends his time on the important things in life, like his family… and tacos.  And Dave’s background in graphic design and business management is pretty handy too.


About Us

Jordan and Dave first met at the ripe age of 12 playing Little League football for the city of Lakewood. Our friendship started almost immediately, but unfortunately after 4 years of football, life separated us. After 14 years apart, we ran into each other again and it was like

almost no time had passed between us; we're basically brothers. Our foundation of family and trust runs in everything we do.

Tantrums LLC

I got the privilege to meet our friend Shawn in August 2018 and it was an awesome experience.


Shawn Baker

If you have time, please check out our dear friend Shawn Baker at Tantrums LLC in Houston, TX


Friends in Devastation

I went down to Houston, TX to visit Shawn and Tantrums LLC and it was amazing folks; a must see.

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